Chris Kasch.Illustration

Ad Campaign / January 29th, 2009

Digobrands approached B+A (my U.S. agents) with an ad campaign for a start-up American insurance company. It was a pretty big job with a lot of work involved in it’s creation. Three illustrations, some banners and illustrations needed for animation.
The campaign was to centre around a “white knight” and was quite light hearted in approach. It was obvious early on though that the client was very particular about what they wanted and a lot of redrafts would be necessary at the rough stage to get things right. I made an early decision not to draw out my roughs in the customary fashion. Instead I would use a photoshop “comp” which would save a lot of time. I’d never worked in this way before but I was sure it was necessary.
The first illustration was very urgently needed although it wasn’t clear as to why. Never the less it took six days and nights of amendments to get the rough exactly as the client required. The process was very difficult and frustrating. Once the rough stage was approved the painting went well, unfortunately there were a fair few more amendments needed to the final art work. Some of them I was able to solve using photoshop ( grass, path, feathers and helmet definition)which was something of a first for me. Other elements of the illustration needed to be repainted though(iv’e included both versions for you to see).
Once this was approved then the banner and animation elements were completed. The animation part of the job I found a pretty tedious task I have to say.
After that was sorted it was time to work on the rough for the second white knight illustration. It took ten solid days to get the rough completed to the clients satisfaction, an unprecedented amount of time!
Whilst waiting for final approval on the rough it became apparent that something was developing behind the scenes. Suddenly the client pulled out without warning, the reason apparently was due to investor concerns over the light hearted nature of the campaign. This I would have assumed would have been approved beforehand but clearly it hadn’t!
I was gutted. I had spent a month working sixteen hour days and exhausted. The job had been the most arduous and frustrating process Id ever gone through professionally and just when I felt we were getting somewhere the job was pulled, worse still was the lost earnings and time.
Didgobrands were great though I have to say and I really did enjoy working with them all, despite the tricky nature of the job. They were practical and good natured all the way through, even when delivering news they knew would be difficult to swallow. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.
At the end of the day I’m happy with the work I did for them and I’m just disappointed the work didn’t go ahead as I feel the campaign would have been good. The job would have also shown a different slant on my work. I have included the photoshop roughs also for anyone interested in the process.