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Advertising Age Top 50 Creatives Cover / June 9th, 2011

Ann Christine Diaz contacted me through my U.S. Agents with the view to working on a front cover for their Advertising Age Magazine. The cover was for their annual Top 50 Creative’s listings which is a pretty prestigious job to get, with the magazine going out to many potential commissioning editors and influential people.
Ann had seen a painting I had done many years ago of the Rat Pack and thought it would be a good basis for the front cover. The iconic image was going to be appropriated and a selection of the Top 50 creative’s heads were to be “grafted” on to the photograph with figures moved, changed, added too etc. Normally this approach is fine for one or two figures and I tend to steer well away from sticking heads on to a large group of people, mainly because it is near impossible to get them all looking natural.
Great care had to be taken when it came to reference and how it was used and the process of creating the rough for approval was quite labour intensive and my view was that this may be a good opportunity to get my work shown to the right creative’s but unless the image was of sufficient quality then the cover could become counter productive. Eventually we got there though and painting was the easy part. It should be out in the shops now so fingers crossed!