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Another One Bites The Dust / December 11th, 2015

I’ve made a decision. A serious decision. One that alters the course of my life and I speak of it now, not because it is a cry for help or attention but because I have been deliberating on it for a few years now. Those that know me well may not be too surprised, others maybe more so.

As of today I have retired from illustration. For good!

It saddens me to think that an activity that has come to define me as a person has come to an end. 6 years of university and over 20 years as a freelance illustrator, basically my whole working life gaining the skills and experience necessary to make me a pretty decent illustrator is now over and I move on to something completely different. I am sad about it. I have met some great people and friends that I will of course keep in touch with. I have met some utter morons too (I’ve probably told them at some point!) So I won’t be keeping in contact with them! The main emotion I feel at the moment though is relief. Relief that I finally gained sufficient courage to end it and get on with something else.

Will I carry on painting? Well at the moment I can’t even look at a paint brush, it makes my stomach turn. I very much doubt I will be painting for a number of years and in fact I have packed away my drawing board, paints, my long serving water pot that smells stale and my thick bit of card that is actually the back of a book where I mix my paints. Everything is in storage until the love for painting comes back, and it will come back at some point I am sure. Just not yet. Maybe a few years.

It’s a pretty sorry state of affairs really that working as an illustrator has soured me against the thing I have always loved to do isn’t it? How does this happen? Well I am pretty sure I’m not alone in the way I am feeling about the business right now. I am sure there are many long serving illustrators who are pretty fed up with the way things have gone over the past 5/10 years and are equally reaching the end of their tether. The reasons for my particular grievances are too numerous to put down here but rest assured. I did not come to this conclusion lightly and there was a lot of hand wringing involved in my decision to discontinue.

It has been mentioned a few times about going digital myself and I have actually worked out a way of doing this. I didn’t enjoy the process at all though and the end result just wasn’t up to the standard I wanted for myself. The last thing I wanted to do was contribute to the dross that is already out there. The absolute sea of mediocrity swilling around from people who, well they don’t know better! In my mind I shouldn’t have to be forced to go digital. My work is good, I like it and I feel in a way that I am right, and it’s the illustration industry that is wrong. I may well be completely deluded but truly, I would rather not be a part of the industry if I am forced into doing something that I dislike. This actually sounds like I dislike digital work but it’s quite to the contrary. There are some fantastically talented artists that work digitally and I really admire their work. It is just that I have found my way of working and if that now does not fit with the way the business is these day then I shall take my leave. And I am. Ta ta!

I still have some prints available but once they are gone then i may leave it at that