Chris Kasch.Illustration

Best Life Magazine / August 21st, 2008

Another quarter page illustration, this time for Best Life Magazine.
The brief was to come up with an illustration based on a piece about Dennis Lehane (the book that changed my life). I was actually thinking of going in the direction of showing him reading his favourite book as his room sounded quite interesting. Best Life however wanted a less literal approach and wanted me to depict some of the characters in the book (The Wanderers).
I was very happy with my initial rough and felt that it captured the feel and atmosphere of the times perfectly. Unfortunately Best Life were after something more specific to the story, an actual scene from the book. They liked the three characters id come up with though so I just needed to find a background that was more in keeping with the specific scene they wanted to depict.
Once the second rough was approved I was free to go to paint which was a little tricky as the only character I had referenced that was in colour was the middle one. The other two were black and white which is something I normally avoid like the plague. I went with them though as they worked well with the illustration and at only a quarter page, the tone and colour issues associated with a black and white image shouldn’t be too tricky to keep on top of at such a small scale.
In the end the painting went along fairly smoothly (although it did take longer than hoped) and everyone was happy with how the image turned out. I do still feel that the rejected rough would have been a corker though!