Chris Kasch.Illustration

Billboard Emergency / February 19th, 2013

Emergency was the cry, on a Saturday evening too!

A desperate need of an illustration from me for Monday evening from Billboard Magazine.

No way was my initial reaction, I can’t do that, not enough time.

Rather than dismiss it outright I had a quick look at the reference provided and thought of a way I might be able to do something that was quick but went with what the brief required. I fired over the idea and my only stipulation to taking on the job was that I wasn’t going to play around with a rough and wait for approval (there really wasn’t time for that). The client would just have to trust me and let me get on with it ASAP!

Thankfully they approved and firstly, I was surprised myself that I managed the deadline and secondly, I think it turned out really nicely, not that I would in any way condone setting deadlines that silly.