Chris Kasch.Illustration

Business Week (U.S.A) / October 30th, 2007

Very simple job for Business Week but not much time to do it in.

I was given some very nice reference for five people to paint. 1 front cover, 2 full pages, 1 half page and 1 quarter page with two weeks to paint them all. That left me with around three days per image and I made the decision early on that I would have to paint the images smaller than they were actually going to be printed in order to meet the deadline (in fact, I wouldn’t be able to take the job on if I couldn’t do this) and just email really high resolution files to Business Week’s offices.

The illustrations came out much better than I imagined they would do given the time restraints, although I was exhausted afterwards and a little dismayed to hear upon completion of the work that the article had been put back two weeks. This though is all part of a weekly publication. Features get moved about as important stories come to the prominence.