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Creative Social Event / June 27th, 2012

Last night I attended the Best Piece of advice Ever show which was brought together with the Creative Social and my U.S. agents at Bernstein And Andriulli. Everything was very impressive (projection screens and everything!) with talks from many influential creative’s and later a book signing with a lot of the artists represented all present and correct.


The event was born at a Creative social event in Paris 2010 where a question was posed to Jim Haynes (who has been holding dinner parties at his Parisien atelier for the past 35 years, hosting over 100,000 guests, people he didn‘t know and open to everyone). The question was “What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?” to which Jim responded, “If you do something for someone forget it immediately. If someone does something nice for you, never forget it”.

From that dinner party, all of the Creative Socials attending were asked their best piece of advice ever and those words were given to illustrators and artists to bring to life. The results were so good that everyone decided that they should publish a book with what they had and host a show to celebrate.

I enjoyed yesterday very much, it was great to see lot’s of old friends who I don’t get to see nearly as much as I would like, and also great to make some new contacts. The book signing was an unforeseen pleasure as I imagined I might be sat at a table on my own with no one wanting my child like scribble but everyone was very nice.

A good while ago I made a little video of the making of my artwork for this book which can be found here