Chris Kasch.Illustration

Cultivate Creative / March 2nd, 2010

I was asked by my good mate Gary to create an illustration for his new company called Cultivate Creative. After years of working for others he had decided to take the plunge and set up his own design agency with his colleague Paul.
I was more than happy to help and we chatted about possible ideas. The main theme that came across was the beautiful nature of the park behind their office which supported a surprising array of wildlife in what is a very built up area. Initially we were thinking of adding lots of animals into the prospective scene but it just came across as a bit too Dr. Doolittle, so they settled on sitting on the bench with the pose influenced by a “I Am Kloot” album cover. We also put in a small sapling to reinforce the cultivate branding.

Whilst painting the illustration it struck me that the scene was reminiscent to the George Harrison album “All Things Must Pass” which featured a seated Harrison surrounded by gnomes. I mentioned this to Gary and he was happy to include a gnome just for fun and to further the album cover homage.

We were all very happy with how the painting came out, although I needed therapy after painting all of those blades of grass and leaves.

When I came to framing the image for them I decided to take things a little further than I normally would. Taking my cue from the gnome and the sapling I worked to bring my artwork to a creative conclusion for viewing in a gallery which is something I’m not normally able to do, bringing in several elements (2 bonzai plants in a hand made slate trough, a painted gnome, some cut out Cultivate type, a watering can and a nice rainbow) to create an object rather than just a bog standard frame and I am absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out. I shall be handing over the painting next week and I hope those bonzai trees grow to be as strong and sturdy as I am sure Cultivate Creative will.
I have attached a snap of the painting with the frame until I can get it photographed properly.