Chris Kasch.Illustration

Dita Von Tease / February 8th, 2008

Another nice job with Elke Hanspach and GQ magazine. This time I was more than happy to put loads of time into my research as you might imagine!

Simon Kelner was to meet up with Dita at the Dorchester hotel in London and having been given reference to work with over the weekend I duly started work on a rough. Come Monday morning though, it was apparent that GQ were looking for something a little different (initial rough is here) and I needed to come up with an image that was a little more fun
So, I duly set to work on another rough which was more in keeping with what they were after, a minor tweak by Elke ensured that I got the go ahead to start painting.

Production of the final artwork went smoothly and had to be done quickly in order to keep on target with a job I’m currently working on for Charles Schwab. Work on this project should reach completion in the next couple of weeks.