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Drawing Tomorrow / October 16th, 2013


Last weekend saw a lovely collaboration between over 40 of us CIA represented artists, the Museum Of Childhood and the ad agency AMV NNDO

The idea was to see what happens when we take a five year olds vision of the future, make him/her the art director and give it to a seasoned professional illustrator to recreate.


Drawing Tomorrow

My brief was from 5 year old Zachariah

“Space world. Lot’s of space ships and aliens (any colour).The aliens are purple and green, all different shapes. Lot’s of planets with lot’s of shooting stars. There will be apples and pears, they come from aliens which have lot’s of eyes. There will be black superhero’s and Buzz Lightyear”.

Saturday saw a whole host of illustrators working with their young art directors on some live artwork which sounded great, as well as showing all 40 artworks. I was gutted to miss out on being there and by all accounts the event was a great success.

 I hope I did his vision justice and he likes the piece. The only part I couldn’t manage was the bit with lots of eyes. I shall have to speak to him later on for some amends I’m sure!

The work I understand is still being displayed if anyone wants to pop down there.


Looks like we made Creative Review too!