Chris Kasch.Illustration

Fore Play / August 22nd, 2011

One more image for my promotions this year. This time for CIA who are producing another very nice calendar. The theme for this one was the “Alternative Games” for which we could produce whatever we liked.
I decided to try some stuff I have wanted to do for a while but tend not to get the opportunity. The initial idea was to look at big blocks of abstract colour and then add one or two elements of very detailed work into it. The idea for this was very much influenced by some of Patrick Caulfields work (some images attatched).
The idea for my painting came from a picture of Barbie I had seen with a golf bag and things took shape from there.
Overall I think the image works. I don’t think it quite looks as I initially intended though so I am sure I will keep at this approach in my private work and try to develop it further.