Chris Kasch.Illustration

Four Radio Times Cover Illustrations / May 1st, 2007

Four Radio Times cover illustrations. The idea was to create four front page covers (all to work independently of one another) that when placed side by side would make one large picture. The subject matter of the covers is ‘rock stars’ and is to coincide with the launch of the new BBC 2 series called The Seven Ages of Rock.

The original idea was to have each cover to incorporate a specific ‘era’ of rock stars but it was quickly realised that people would only buy the era or artist they were interested in which slightly defeated the object of creating a special collectors edition. We wanted people to buy all four! It was eventually decided to mix all the stars together which to be honest made things a little more interesting.

One of the main difficulties for me were trying to make each individual cover look good but still work as the panel of a larger illustration which, before undertaking the job I knew would be tricky to accomplish and so it turned out.

The other much more taxing problem was reference. I could only use images that the Radio Times supplied me with (for copyright reasons) so my options were pretty limited. I had to play around with the photo’s provided quite a lot to get the figures to sit alongside each other comfortably. Once this was done and the rough approved then things were pretty straight forward.

The four covers were painted individually (not as one big painting) and each one had to be sent to the printers as I finished it due to time constraints. This made matching the colours and tones of one cover to the next a little tricky but I just made sure that I painted the corresponding edge of the next cover before sending off the artwork. The individual cover illustrations were pieced together at the Radio Times offices once the last painting had been sent off and scanned. The publishing date of the magazines is the 19th – 25th May 2007.