Chris Kasch.Illustration

GQ Magazine / December 7th, 2007

It’s always nice to work with new people and this was my first time working with Elke Hanspach at GQ Magazine.
Simon Kelner has a regular piece in GQ Magazine in which he interviews different celebrities at different restaurants. The aim is to get a good interview and feature restaurants of note. An illustrator is used each month to accompany the article.

Unfortunately I had a little bit of trouble finding good reference for my featured celebrity (Emily Maitlis). The restaurants destination wasn’t definitive at the time of me being commissioned either so it was decided that I would concentrate on the Newsnight studio that Maitlis is known for. To link the restaurant and Kelner to Maitlin I thought it might be nice to have them on a monitor screen as if being interviewed.

The painting went pretty smoothly, although I struggled a little bit with the poor resolution of the pixelated (googled) Maitlis reference. I also thought I would have to leave the monitor screen blank and add the (as yet) missing restaurant reference at a later date. Luckily the image was supplied just after I got clearance on the rough.
Upon completion of the illustration and just as the copy for the article arrived I was asked to incorporate some shoes or boots into the illustration as Kelner had mentioned them having to take off their footwear once they were in the restaurant. I painted the shoes separately and photoshopped them into the image, putting them onto the news desk. I also took the opportunity to link the two environments further by giving Maitlis a menu.

All in all I think a fair resolution to the job given some of the restraints and hopefully GQ are happy enough with the illustration to let me have another crack at the column.

I shall be starting a pretty complex and time consuming advertising job at the end of next week that should take me through to the end of January so that may be my next blog entry if I cant squeeze any other jobs in between.