Chris Kasch.Illustration

How To Be An Alien Exhibition / September 28th, 2010

With my “how To Be an alien” piece completed and entered(see post below) I was asked a few questions to contribute to the exhibitions own site which is to be found here
Q. What brought you to London?
After making the journey down south at 18 to attend both Cambridge and Kingston Universities it was a small step to living in London where my girlfriend (now wife) lived. Living near London also allowed me to make quick visits to try to further my Illustration career.
Q. Has your practice changed/been influenced since moving here? (both).
Well when I started, artwork was a physical thing and it had to be couriered into an art departments office, roughs were also faxed. Of course now it is completely different. I can fire over a high res file of my work at any time and so maybe it isn’t as essential to live near the capitol as it used to be.
Q. Why do you think ‘How to be an Alien’ still resonates, even though it was written more than 60 years ago?
Whilst some of the dialogue in the book may be different I think that a lot of the issues with living in a city are still very much the same and still resonate with us all.
Q. Which part of ‘How to be an Alien’ do you most relate to?
The rudeness and selfishness of people going about their business, I imagine people 60 years ago to have been more polite but George Mikes shows us otherwise.