Chris Kasch.Illustration

How to Be An Alien / May 10th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to contribute to an exhibition celebrating the Penguin book “How To Be An Alien” by George Mikes. For those that don‘t know the book, it was first published in 1946 and has sold over three hundred thousand copies to date. The book is a humorous look at the English way of life, their customs and quirks viewed from an outsiders point of view and whilst it is very much of it‘s time, it is still relevant.
Each artist was to be given a specific chapter that he would illustrate and the results would be brought together as a celebration of this book.
I was given the chapter “Three Games For Bus Drivers” and I chose the following “ Hide and Seek – Whenever you approach a request stop, hide behind a lorry or another bus and when you have almost reached the stop shoot off at a terrific speed. It is very amusing to see people shake their fists at you. It is ten to one they miss some important business appointment.
I wanted to keep the image very simple and uncluttered and with no one to please but myself I was at liberty to do just that, even using myself as the model for the painting. I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out and hopefully the exhibition will be well received. .