Chris Kasch.Illustration

If I Were – CIA Calendar Image / May 28th, 2010

My latest image for the agencies promotional calendar.
The past few years the calendar has been restricted to only three or four pantone colours. I have personally never been happy with my own submissions using this format and I have struggled to adapt something that has already been produced into a strong coherent image.
This year with the theme being “If I Were” I decided to use a racing car, especially as I have been trawling through reference for historic cars for my other little motor sport series.
Right from the start of my rough I restricted the colours to only the pantone colours and worked from there. The whole process was very counter intuitive but I started painting and got the image done surprisingly quickly as the lack of tones and restriction of colours means less detail and so quicker to paint..
The image you see here is where I am at now with it, I have to further separate the colours in photoshop to make it suitable for the CIA calendar. I’m actually pleasantly surprised with the painting and whilst I would never abandon the painting style I have, I reckon this might be something to explore further for the jobs where there is less time which usually leave me having to turn down the job. I would be interested to hear what anyone thinks of this work and feedback would be very much appreciated.