Chris Kasch.Illustration

Illustrations for Royal Mail / April 20th, 2007

I had to come up with a series of (initially) three illustrations to be used as a special edition collection. The subject was “Working Dogs”.

The three subjects were Dogs for the Blind, Assistance Dogs and Police Dogs with another two to be confirmed once (and if) the illustrationswere approved by the Royal Mail.

This was a series where all the images had to look good displayed together as it was intended specifically for stamp collectors. It was really drummed into me that every single detail (harness, strapping etc.) had to be perfect for any illustration to appear as a stamp. Any reference I unearthed on the internet didn’t really help as either there wasn’t enough accurate detail or the reference was American and so different.

Working with Godfrey Design, a series of photo shoots were organised so as to get the best reference possible. Ideas and preliminary sketches had already been done and so it was more a case of getting owner and dog in a similar position to the roughs.

Once the final roughs (rough pictured,final artwork in collection 2 of the work page)were approved the paintings came along nicely and I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out. I have not really been asked to do many paintings of animals before so it was a nice change. The discipline of having to make an image work on such a small scale as a stamp meant that the compositions were quite different from what I would normally come up with, especially when the animal was the main focus but yet the owner had to still feature. I enjoyed creating these images very much. The work is currently being looked at by the Royal Mail.