Chris Kasch.Illustration

Moretti Beer Ad Campaign / October 16th, 2009

I actually finished this job a while ago but had to hold off putting it on the blog until the campaign got under way. The commission for Moretti Beer ( trade, consumer press and digital) came through the Space design agency in London who I had previously never worked with. A meeting was arranged and I came in to discuss what the job required and he timings.
It was very clear from the off that the two illustrations I was to illustrate would take a lot of time to get right and so I steeled myself, ready to get to work. Indeed, my expectations of a tough time working on the rough were well founded. The process of getting the rough together and finding reference was exhausting with a massive amount of back and forth between agency, client and designer going on with every single aspect of each character debated and also every item on the tables accounted for and there for a reason. Obviously the Ad’s were aimed at a particular market and so everything was geared towards this end.
I have to say, I was thoroughly fed up with the two pictures by the time the roughs had been signed off and I hadn’t even started painting yet. It was clear to me though that the work would turn out well and the hard work put in by all was worth it, and so it was now time to switch “modes” from working out a rough and accommodating changes to getting on with it and painting which whilst a very time consuming process is never the less a reasonably straightforward process.
With a reasonable amount of time given to me to work on each painting the work seemed to go well and I was happy with how they turned out, inevitably there were the usual little amends that are required on completion but everyone seemed happy with the work once completed. I must say, it was good to work with everyone at Space, I felt like they gave me a bloody good work out but at the end of the day, it’s the illustration that matters and we got some good illustrations to show for the hard work.