Chris Kasch.Illustration

Motorsport and Racing / March 23rd, 2010

A while ago I wrote a short piece about the motor sport artwork I had created which was published on both my American and English agents websites. The gist of it was about why I created a series of motor sport paintings, what racing means to me and why I race karts. So here it is below.
Motor sport for me is not just about the thrills and excitement. It is not just about the beauty and noise of those evocative cars. It’s about sitting on my dad’s bike holding his helmet and gloves as we wait in the scruteneering bay. It is about sitting with mum at the side of the track(stop watch in hand) as he screams by at Darley Moore with his black Leathers on and pudding bowl helmet, about being picked up out of bed at 5 in the morning and being put in the back of the Bedford van ready for another race weekend.
Racing for me is a link with my past, it’s something my dad and his brother did, as well as my cousin Jason who was tragically killed on the race track in his twenties. And now, it is something that I do. Racing karts at race tracks all over the country with my brother as the spanner man. When I sit on that grid ready to go out I never feel alone, I feel more in touch with myself and who I am than I have ever been.
With some of the images I have created here I am trying to get across some of those feelings and how I feel about the men who drove those beautiful cars with such precision. That mix of aesthetic, power and danger is a heady mix and so is the way it makes me feel about my own past and my own memories of family and friends. Moss, Surtees and Fangio are truly great drivers and I hope that my tributes to them and the cars they drove serve in showing how I feel about the sport. Hopefully these are the first in a series of motor sport artworks (both car and bike) that will span a life time of enthusiasm.