Chris Kasch.Illustration

Old El Paso Ad Campaign with Saachi and Saachi / October 1st, 2007

A long meeting at the Saachi and Saachi offices confirmed that the agency wanted something slightly different from me on this project.

I was to paint three elements of packaging individually and then they would be put together in post-production, giving room for different formats to be used.

The most unusual request from the Saachi group was for me to paint the packaging as flat as I could and to put as little detail into the image as I could manage. This I found very odd, and counter intuitive to the images I normally create. The idea though was to have my image look as though it was painted on to a wall (in a similar fashion to some of the Mexican and Indian adverts painted on walls) but a little less rough.

I inquired about the actual rendering of the wall and if they wanted me to paint the packaging as though it was actually painted on the wall (I was thinking that the painting of the wall texture would be nice to do but tricky). The agency didn’t want me to do that though, they wanted me to paint the packaging on a flat white background and the texture of the wall would be added in post-production.

In the end, I was fairly happy with the way the image came out and surprised I could resist the temptation to add more detail and I feel I did the best job that I could. I did however feel that the wall could have looked a little more convincing in post-production and I think I might have done a better job of it as a painting (but then I would wouldn’t I!).

The Ad was used in newspapers and at the end of a television commercial throughout several regions. Hopefully a link to the commercial can be made once it has had it’s run.