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Pause Play – The Soundtrack To Our Lives / October 17th, 2011

Last Thursday I attended Cultivate Creative’s “Pause Play – The Soundtrack Of Our Lives” private view. I had a few pieces of work in there and with St. Helens having a proper art gallery in the area for God knows how long, I felt I should make the effort to support the venue in its endeavours.

Gary (who runs Cultivate with Paul Burrows) and I have been good friends since we met at our foundation art course and I was looking forward to meeting up. The private view was great and I me quite a few new people and a good few more bottles of beer.

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The evening did actually get even better as I learned that Johnny Vegas was coming to the private view (Johnny also went to his foundation art course with us and we have all kept in touch). As you can imagine the evening started to get a little messy as we went on to a bar and we had a great time catching up. I have to confess that I only managed to get back to my bed as people were making their way to work and it took me a good while to recover. Great night though.