Chris Kasch.Illustration

Radar Magazine Commemerative Plates / October 20th, 2008

The idea for this job I thought could have gone a little awry if it wasn’t approached in the right way. John Sheppard at Radar Magazine wanted me to paint four scenes based on the kitsch montage style of commemorative plates. The four scenes were a round-up of various political scandals during the Bush administration. I was to paint the scenes and they were to photoshop them onto plates.
Initially I felt that the people at Radar wanted me to incorporate too many elements of each story, leaving the image cluttered and unfocused. Once we had all decided on the correct approach then the images didn’t take too long to work out. Paintings also went fairly smoothly as the images were fairly small.
I quite like the way the paintings turned out and would very much like to see how they look when superimposed onto the plates, unfortunately the magazine haven’t sent me the photoshopped images as yet which is a bit of a shame.