Chris Kasch.Illustration

Radison Hotels / March 10th, 2009

It had been reasonably quite after the Christmas break which was quite welcome after being so busy during the lead up to the holidays. Never the less, you never like to have too much of a lull!
When I was contacted about the job for Radison Hotels, the first issue I noted was that the deadline was just a couple of days away. What made things much easier though was that the reference was fantastic and the objects to be painted only needed to be quite small.
What I found very interesting was the proposed artwork and concept behind the Ad’s. My little illustrations were going to be dropped into a lovely poster and I was quite excited about the images and how they may show my work in a different light.
Unfortunately I don’t have the finished poster yet but on completion of the images I was informed that should things go well with this image, there may be others in the future which would be great