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Scott Walker / November 1st, 2011

As part of my little drive to get some of my own work done lately I pulled out a painting that had been left, languishing under my bed for the past ten years.

It was a painting of Scott Walker and it had been through so many changes it was ridiculous. Originally the painting was of Scott full length but he had been cut up and re pasted several times, wall paper backgrounds with lamps painted in and taken out. The poor thing needed sorting out but at A3 size it was quite a daunting task and I guess that’s why it had been left alone so long.

With a fresh look at the painting I realised there wasn’t too much to do. A bit of the cardigan, the corduroy jeans, hands and arms and the background.

The background was easy as I decided I wanted it completely black and to be enveloping Scott. The rest was just a case of forcing myself to knuckle down and finish it off. I am so glad I did it now although my wife is angling for me to give her the painting which will take some delicate negotiations I think.

View the print in my portfolio.