Chris Kasch.Illustration

Secret 7″ Private View / April 18th, 2012

I went to the Secret 7” private view last night which I had really been looking forward to. I was pretty amazed by the amount of quality artwork on show as to be honest, quite a few of these events have some pretty average stuff in them. Some of the work on show really made some great album covers (if your wondering what I am talking about then just check out the Secret 7” blog post) and further emphasises what a loss artwork on vinyl really is, not only to music but to illustration.


The space was absolutely ram packed and I could barely move. I did however bump into Jessie Ford and Stan Chow and we had a good chat for a while before nipping off to the pub for a swift pint. It was just too hot in there with all those people. Anyway, I hope they sell all the 7” and get some decent money in.