Chris Kasch.Illustration

Security Management magazine / May 16th, 2008

It’s always great to do the front cover of a magazine as they are great for exposure and the more illustration that is seen the better.
The story for Security Management magazine concerned safety issues in and around hospitals and emergency rooms. I must admit, the subject matter of this commission didn’t initially fill me with artistic fire and I was a little concerned with how I was going to do this job and more importantly, get all the essential elements into one image and still make it hold the impact a front covers should. Fortunately Roy Comiskey the commissioning editor had a pretty clear idea of what he was after and talked me through what was required.
I went away and came up with a rough I was happy with (using photo’s of myself to get the appropriate body position and feel for the character). I personally had envisioned seeing part of the face of the would-be attacker in this illustration as I’ve always felt that seeing the face in a piece of artwork draws in the viewer. With this in mind I drew up the rough from inside the hospital, looking out of the front door, which enabled me to have the character walking towards us. The magazine felt differently however and wanted to see the back of the attacker walking into the hospital. I actually didn’t feel that constructing the illustration in this way would have the appropriate impact but did as requested and I was able to continue on to paint with the completion of the amended rough.
I have to say, now that the work is completed that Roy was right and I was wrong. The illustration looks much better constructed in the way that was requested and I’m very happy with the way the work came out.
Thanks also to Roy for his complimentary remarks about my work and his encouragement throughout this project. I have enjoyed the job and learned a little more. What more can I ask for?