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Shrine On / March 19th, 2012

Well, finally my Elvis piece is finished. Some of you may know that this is another one of those paintings that has been languishing in a corner for ten years (as was my Scott Walker painting) until I finally decided to finish them off. Well I am so glad that I did and now I can get on with some new work.

img_0796 img_0773

As you can see, this Elvis painting is more of a shrine with all the badges and stuff, and I guess you could say it will never be finished as there is plenty of room to add stuff as I find it.

I must also take this opportunity to give a massive thank you to thank Crafty Sue for her donation of the Elvis album cover ornament you see hanging below and also Darlene for her kind donation of the Elvis antique pendant you see on the bottom left, next to the badges. Very generous of you both and it is much appreciated.