Chris Kasch.Illustration

Tech Review Magazine / August 20th, 2008

It’s been a little while since I’ve had anything of interest to post but here are two illustrations with pretty interesting, simplified backgrounds.
I was asked by Lee Caulfield at the U.S. magazine, Tech Review to create two quarter page portraits. One of Dries Buytaert (creator of a content management programme called Dupral) and Joo Chuan Tong (a biochemist working on creating designer vaccines) .Lee wanted the actual portraits to be fairly straightforward but wanted the background to contain a very simple conceptual element.
The initial roughs I provided had some very simple flat patterns, they also contained a few isolated objects in the background to enforce what these two people did for a living.
Lee wanted me to drop the background objects after seeing my roughs and make the illustration even simpler which I was happy to do, and with a decent amount of time before the deadline I set to work.
I was pretty pleased with the way the illustrations came out (as were Tech Review) and the extra time to do the work was appreciated.