Chris Kasch.Illustration

The Rain Of Terror / September 5th, 2011

I have just finished work on a book jacket. I don’t get asked to do too many which Is a shame. The idea of the cover was to portray the main protagonist in the story and for the treatment of the cover I needed to have a look at a lot of pulp fiction and trashy novels (not that this is trashy of course!). Below is a short synopsis of the story.There is also another version of the layout of the book cover attatched.


When a micro-film containing the blue-prints of a rain making machine is stolen it falls to Inspector Hephaestus, the deity detective, to track down the wrongdoers.
But who has the microfilm: Russian gangster Miky Pnin; the mysterious “Blue Bayonet” and his gadget laden umbrella; or quasi-fascist organisation “The Broom” and their mysterious leader known only as Kinder A?

Set against a bomb battered Britain that is ante-bellum but pre – Beatles, Inspector Hephaestus is a rare bloom in a neglected rockery. Bullish, urbane and bright red, he pounds the foggy streets of London Town, one hand on the pulse of the criminal underground and the other wrapped around the bulb of his trusty briar.

Why is the Greek god of blacksmiths walking this lonely beat? And why does he need the services of attractive psychiatrist Annabel Rides? Who is the moustachioed man who haunts his dreams? And what does any of this have to do with Dr. Wilhelm Reich, discoverer of Organon and the most controversial psychologist of the 20th Century?

Only Inspector Hephaestus and the Rain of Terror can reveal all…