Chris Kasch.Illustration

Work For Arcapta / November 18th, 2011

I was approached by Mitch Tepper at Link 9 through my American agents for this job. The work was for Arcapta who work in Pharmaceuticals.

The requirements for the job were fairly simple really as Mitch already had quite a lot of reference and all I had to do was put it together and add a few elements of my own. The one illustration that needed the most input from me was the man sitting on the stairs. I had his face but needed to come up with his body and the way he was sitting myself, similarly with the woman, I had her head but had to come up with her body and make the two look natural.

Once the rough’s were approved the actual painting was a joy. I did have to scan in the man on the stairs whilst it was half finished though (something I hate to do) as Link 9 had a presentation to do and needed what I had.

joan arnold

I don’t think there were any amendments to do at all once I submitted the finished artwork and everyone was very happy with the finished work which was great.