Chris Kasch.Illustration

Young Kimi Raikkonen / September 9th, 2007

Commissioned by Red Bulletin. With a (Formula 1) track only distribution, this magazine has new editions on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and post race.

The piece I was to illustrate was for the front cover. The main story was about Kimi Raikkonen and I was to illustrate Kimi as a youngster. With a specific brief I was to include his national flag, kart trophies (those are my karting trophies thank you very much!) a Ferrari poster, a toy monkey (in reference to his antics at a fancy dress party (you guessed it!) dressed as an ape!) and a picture of James Hunt (apparently he has used that name as an alias/alter ego previously).

Thankfully I was given reference of Kimi as a kid or the job wouldn’t have been possible. I had maybe a day and a half to gather and sort all the reference and work out a rough and only four days to actually paint the artwork, which was tricky. It’s probably only because I’m such a fan of motor sport that I was willing to put in the late nights to get the artwork done. Painting the artwork smaller than it was to be printed helped cut down man-hours too.
The accompanying picture shows the artwork (click to enlarge)and some photo’s taken at the track of Toro Rosso driver Vinantonio Liuzzi and Lewis Hamilton’s dad. It was really nice of The Red Bulletin and especially James Greenhow to forward these photographs on to me, as it is always nice to see how your work is viewed (yes, Liuzzi is laughing at my work!).

Now, the real question is, will Red Bull now feel compelled to sponsor my karting career and make and old man (well,in karting terms!) very happy?
I doubt it!