Chris Kasch.Illustration

You’re Rippin’ Me Off Man! / February 22nd, 2012

A pat on the back for anyone who gets the header reference, then a slap for being so sad!

Euan, my nephew had some home work to do for his art class. The project was to copy and artists work and write a little bit about them. I was quite surprised when I heard Euan wanted to use my work as the basis for his project, and of course a little flattered. He came to our house and looked through my work, picking four pictures he liked and I gave him a few tips on his painting (I’m afraid that was obligatory from me). He went away full of enthusiasm which was great to see as you don’t find too many 11 year old lads interested in painting or their art classes.

It was great to hear that he got top marks for his assignment and I was very interested in seeing what he had done. I think you will all agree that the pictures he did are great and I find it very interesting myself to try and see what Euan was picking up on my work. Below are some of the remarks he made under each picture.


I chose acrylic paints for this picture because I thought that I could easily mix and produce the colours needed for this picture.


Japanese Dude
I chose felt tip because I thought it would give off a rough and worn effect and feeling, which I think Chris Kasch has achieved.


Yawning Boy
I chose pencil as my media because I thought it would show the odd and confusing effect and feeling that this picture gives off.

High Fidelity Detail
I chose oil pastels for my media because they would make the picture bold and bright, just like the artists painting.